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Future-Tech Institute started using the CANVAS LMS system for all of its courses as of January 2019. Students complete all course work on the platform and have direct communication with instructors, staff, and administration through it. Once a student, you will be added to the system and have access to your account using information that will be provided to you by the school at the start of your first term. 

Medical Team


Records and Transcripts

Student records are maintained by the school (for a minimum of 5 years) and include at minimum student eligibility documentation, Enrollment agreement, financial, counseling, or advising, and progress report records, certificates or diplomas earned, and academic transcript. Student academic transcripts are kept indefinitely and are available to students upon request. Student records, in the form of a transcript, can be provided to potential employers only after a written request by the student has been made.

Request at:

Individual academic advising services are available to all students and will ensure they get the most out of their ADN programs in Florida. For academic advisement, students need to make an appointment with the school advisor/Academic Director or Placement Officer.


Future-Tech Institute will not maintain housing for students.

Public Transportation is available. Currently, the average daily cost is about $5.00

We have secured additional parking at St. Raymond Catholic Church, located:

3475 SW 17th Street

Miami, FL 33145

A shuttle will run from twice:

Morning session: 7:30am - 8:15am

Evening session: 5:30pm - 6:15pm

Remember to get your FTI  bumper sticker for your car.

The School’s Virtual Library allows access to virtual resources and is available for all ADN nursing program Students. All resources, reference materials, and professional journals are related to the programs of study and are kept up to date through the Library and Information Resource Network (LIRN). The Media Library and Computer Lab also offer full internet access, as well as access to articles, television and radio transcripts, photographs, video and audio clips, encyclopedias, books, and reference titles. Students may log in individually on a computer utilizing the assigned password.

Our Program is one of the best nursing programs in Florida in which Students are assisted with placement and furnished names and addresses of employment possibilities. Inquiries made to the school from potential employers will be posted on the bulletin board. Future-Tech Institute will assist the student with employment to the best of its ability, by offering assistance with creating a resume, advice for getting ready for an interview (including mock interviews if the student requests so), job postings, advice on proper attire for interviews and work environment, but cannot guarantee employment.

Students will initially receive academic advice from the Admissions Officer, who will let the students know all academic requirements and road map for the program in which they wish to enroll into. Further academic advising, if needed by the student, can be requested by making an appointment with the Academic Director, who can further go over academic options for the program the student wishes to complete.

Students will receive all financial information about the program in which they wish to enroll from the Financing Officer, who will go over the Enrollment Agreement before the student commits to enrolling. Students will be given and explained the options for payments available, including out-of-pocket expenses, specific payments and when they are due, and any additional fees and costs in addition to the tuition fee.


The student going through Financial Aid, will receive all the information including policies and requirements for verification, refund and return policies, policies, and procedures for secondary confirmation, and any information for the student to be fully aware and understand the Financial Aid option available to them if they qualify.

The school does not currently have a trained therapist on-site and cannot provide professional personal advising outside of academic or education-related financial advising ( the faculty can only provide advisement regarding ADN programs in Florida ). However, should a student feel the need for personal assistance/advisement, he/she is welcomed to contact the school’s Student Services Officer who will be able to give them a list of local therapists, psychologists, and other professionals who they can reach out to for assistance.

Future-Tech Institute has a procedure and operational plan for handling complaints. If a student does not feel that the school faculty/staff has adequately addressed a complaint or concern with its human and authority resources, the student may consider contacting School Director, Mrs. Ana Moncada, by filling out an “Internal Complaint/Grievance Form”. Although Mrs. Moncada has an open-door policy, students are encouraged to make an appointment during the executive hours so that she may better assist in providing the appropriate level of service.


Complaints and grievances will be handled in a reasonable manner. Everyone involved is expected to concentrate on the solution of disagreements. The concerned parties must attempt to resolve the disagreement amongst themselves before seeking the involvement of Mrs. Moncada. If the disagreement continues unresolved, the complainant may contact Mrs. Moncada, through the above-mentioned procedure.


Mrs. Moncada will take action to appropriately assist the concerned parties in resolving the issues, thus ensuring that the best quality of service and superior education are provided by the school. Mrs. Moncada will maintain the complaint or parties informed of the status of the complaint or grievance and its final resolution.

FTI Financial Aid Department-

FTI Billing-

Based upon Calendar year January 1, 2020, thru December 31, 2020

Total occurrences On Campus


Sex Offenses:

Forcible and Non-Forcible: 0

Criminal Homicide: 0

Murder, Non-negligent and Negligent: 0

Manslaughter: 0

Robbery: 0

Aggravated Assault: 0

Motor-Vehicle Theft: 0


Liquor Law Violation: 0

Drug Law Violation: 0

Illegal Weapons Possession: 0

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