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Student Life

Hands-On Clinical Experience Event


At Future-Tech, we provide our students with clinical experience for our Mental Health course. On Sunday, June 12th, 2021, our students attended an Alcohol Anonymous Meeting. Students are observers only at this event and collect clinical data for course assignments such as reflection discussions in Mental Health illnesses.


Our nursing students are granted clinical hours for their mental health experience on Addiction as per course requirements.

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We celebrated Future Tech exceptional students with a pinning ceremony on May 8th, 2021. The pinning ceremony is distinctive for the nursing community and is unlike any nursing ceremony. It is the first time a nursing student enters the nursing community with its rich and proud history. Not only does it mark the completion of student coursework, but this ceremony honors nursing students who will work in a career where they will have to be selfless for the good of many others.

Future-Tech celebrated our students on Saturday, August 21, with our ADN Nursing Pinning Ceremony. This ceremony recognizes the accomplishments of our nursing students and their trajectory towards becoming professionals and colleagues of nursing. 

Future-Tech's Dr. Maida Burgos, DNP, MSN, RN Term 5 Nursing Concept II and Mental Health students had a clinical experience at the Surfside Building Collapse Memorial on Sunday, July 11, 2021. The students are collecting information and observing the Memorial site for a project assignment for their courses.

Future-Tech Term 5 Sunday Cohort participated in their Clinical Experience on Oct 10th, 2021, at Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity. This one-on-one experience gives the nursing students a clear awareness of the actual problems of the homeless community. 

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