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A History of the State of Nature By William Mulligan In this essay, William Mulligan offers a brief account of the natural state of man, the reason it is not, and how it might be. Introduction In the beginning of this text, "nature" was an all-encompassing term denoting what was and is. It has been lost along with other ancient ways of speaking. Nature, as a word, means much the same as the term "natural state of man" used by some, but it also has meant a very wide variety of things. Among the Greeks, nature was one's home; the source of one's food and many of one's activities. It was thought of as a place of peace and harmony where the relationship of people to the earth and the earth's natural forces was harmonious. One lived according to the laws of nature. The other term for natural is "natural law." Nature, then, was the law of harmony, order and natural order. In the middle ages, nature became a metaphor used by the writers of Christian scripture to describe the "true law of God" and man's relationship to God. It also came to mean the natural state of man without the intervention of sin or the grace of God. The beginning of the Christian's relationship to nature is found in the "Lilies of the field," where "Jesus was meek and lowly of heart, and the sparrow found no fault with him." Christians also used the term to mean that "nature" was in harmony with the law of God. "And God said unto Noah, 'I have established my covenant with thee, and with thy descendants after thee; and with every living creature I have made.' " Nietzsche then brought this idea into modernity and defined it as "the eternal recurrence of the same" which Nietzsche defined as "another word for "nature" and as "natural" which can mean either "true nature" or "the true" as is also the case in Plato's dialogues and as used in the Epicureans. Leibniz would speak of "a nature" as the metaphysical principle that would govern everything. He used the term to mean the universal element of all things. "All other things are but appearance and there is but one reality. For where there is a nature, there is a principle of action and where there is a principle, there is




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Os Tropeiros Dvd 3 Download

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