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Admission Procedure

The admissions procedure for this nursing degree in Miami is easy. It starts with an appointment with an FTI Admissions Department representative. 

During this appointment, the student will have the chance to go through the online school catalog as well as tour the facility (this is a great time to ask questions). The student will also have a pre-admission interview with the FTI school representative.

If the student decides to enroll and obtain their nursing degree in Florida, they will be asked to fill an application form as well as pay an application fee. The student will also need to submit their official transcripts which will help determine whether the student can transfer their credits. 

An admissions interview will be scheduled with the ADN Program Director. This interview will determine whether the student is qualified to get admission in one of the best nurse practitioner programs at FTI. The application will be reviewed and if it is accepted, the student needs to meet the financial aid officer. This is to determine the best possible way to pay tuition fees for the program. The student will also sign an enrollment document to become an official student at FTI.  

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Admission Requirements

In order to qualify for Future Tech’s best-accelerated nursing programs in Miami, the applicant must fulfill the following requirements:


The applicant must be a US citizen or a legal resident.


An applicant must submit a high school diploma or equivalent from their country of origin. The Academic Director holds the right to accept or deny the credentials based on their authenticity.

Credit Transfer

The applicant must discuss the possibility of transferring any previously acquired credits to the current program. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Transfer of Credit Policy. 

Drug screen

The applicant will also undergo a 10-panel drug screen conducted by COMPLIO.


The applicant must be 18 years of age. With parental consent, a 16-year-old applicant can also apply. 

Admission interview

During the admission interview, the applicant needs to describe their goals and ambitions during the course and after completion of the course. The admission interview will be also a way to judge the communication ability of the applicant which is crucial for the healthcare industry. 

Background check

The applicant will undergo a thorough background check. 


The applicant is expected to write and submit an essay with the application form. The essay will be reviewed by the institute’s instructors. 


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