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Our School

In 2000, Future-Tech Institute began offering vocational training in Computer Business Applications and Nursing Assistants.

Our first official class for Computer Business Applications started in 2001. This was followed by our first Nursing Assistance class in 2002. We take pride in providing the best training and education to our students using creative and innovative teaching methods. 

It was through these two programs that we received our ACCSC accreditation in 2006. In 2018, however, we stopped offering Computer Business Applications in an effort to redirect our initiative.

Since then our focus has been on making FTI synonymous with being the absolute best nursing school in Miami by offering the highest quality of nursing programs in the region.  We currently offer and specialize in the Professional Nursing Degree (ADN) program. Visit our Academics page to know more.

Ana Moncada- School Director (1).jpg

School Director  Welcome

Dear Student: 

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Future-Tech Institute family on behalf of the entire Staff and Faculty. Our staff and faculty look forward to helping you achieve your educational goals. We strive to offer a comfortable and pleasant environment that enables friendly, yet professional teacher student relationship. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities we offer. You are now about to begin an educational experience. We urge you to rise to the occasion and we thank you for trusting us with your future. 


Ana Moncada



At FTI, our mission is to provide the finest quality education that offers excellence and knowledge to our students. We are one of the prominent nursing schools in Miami that strives to deliver education in a specialized subject and field. 

We want to create a batch of successful, dedicated, and knowledgeable nurses for the healthcare industry. We are amongst the few Miami nursing schools that have been approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. There is no doubt we take our job as educators quite seriously! 

Why Choose Us

We are one of the proud nursing schools in Miami, Florida and a great choice for anyone looking to begin a career in nursing.  Below are some of the reasons why FTI consistently exceeds expectations. 

Quality Education

At FTI, we provide a quality education that is up to date with the most recent changes in the field. All our teaching staff are qualified, professional, and experienced in the field which in turn provides our students with a high-quality level of education and proven expertise.   


At FTI, we have 8 classrooms along with administrative areas totaling 5000 square feet. Our facility is air-conditioned, consists of classrooms that are equipped with the latest technology, laboratories, library area, and more. 

A limited number of students per instructor

To increase the quality of education, we have limited the number of students per instructor to 24. And only 12 students per instructor during clinical rotations. 


Ana Moncada- School Director (1).jpg

Ana Moncada, BA

School Director

Ivanna Moncada.png

Ivania G. Moncada

Human Resource Director

David Newcomb.png

David Newcomb

Admission Director / IT Dept Director 

Eduardo Moncada- Assistant School Director (1).jpg

Eduardo Moncada, BA

Assistant School Director / Registrar Officer 

Miriam Hodges.png

Miriam Hodges, MS

Financial Director

Elizabeth Pupo, MSN. NP-C

Interim ADN Program Director.

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